Designed for life; engineered by Nadie.

Big global brands, with extensive historical leaderships, need to periodically equip themselves with new foundational milestones. Deep and ambitious. They just be able to understand when the time has come to open a new era and design their own future, re-connecting with their new present. To keep their identity alive and the validity of the value they provide. To remain being who they are.

After more than 30 years leading the world of surfaces for architecture and design, Silestone, the reference brand of Cosentino Group, had the help od Nadie for a global repositioning. An extensive research, analysis, strategy and design process resulted in the roadmap for a deep internal and external brand renewal, transversal to the entire company. An example of the ability of Nadie to empower big brands with new capacities to connect with their contemporary universe.

The goal: to renew Silestone’s alliance with a constantly evolving consumer. Updating its personality through new attitudes, connections, values and meanings. Relevant transformations that operate on the brand’s culture, hot it see itself and the principles that guide its performance.

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