The name supports the symbolic world that surrounds the brand, its kingdom of Fantasy 1 . It acts as a key to his universe of experiences 2 , emotions, desires, protagonists, meanings and possibilities. It condenses it, articulates it and connects it. Naming gives meaning to everything you are, and beyond, to everything you can become: it frames the future of your brand.

Chema de Armas

Between the banality of already-worn words and the power of rethorical figures such as well-used metaphors, beyond the eloquence of silence, the resources are unlimited: We have the opportunity to give the (branded) word, in all kind of screens 1 , on the radio and audio media, in our streets, the importance it deserves.

Juan Pablo Caja, Creative Director

Brands need to connect with the transformations 1 taking place in their society, in their consumers and in their lives today. To achieve this, they need an urgent injection of new knowledge. To identify and understand the new questions 2 before trying to answer them.

How can we continue to be Gancedo  1  in an international market 2  facing a new generation of consumers? The answer was in us in ourselves: in our identity, in our family heritage 3 . In generating a new contemporary 4  reading of our environment and designing innovative space 5  within it for ourselves.

Manuel Gancedo. General manager

The new revolution in industry, technology and people at the same time forces us to place knowledge 1 , social sciences and new forms of creativity 2 at the center of the business equation. Because today growth requires both knowledge and creation.

Non-artistic creative processes have lost the idea of this protective structure of fate, which they may have had at their origin, to become little assembly lines of ideas. Space for the unexpected 1 is increasingly reduced in pursuit of efficiency. And through this reduction we lose everything, because creative homogeneity is the prelude to decline. Diversity alone creates a pathway, and without fate this does not exist.

Humberto Matas, Innovation & Design

A brand is no longer a brand. That’s why Nadie is like nobody: we think and act differently to offer different 1 solutions. Because the digital society demands the construction of new identities 2 . New cultures 3 .

Silestone was born with ambitions of leadership that has never lost. That’s why it was not enough for us to simply reposition the brand or update its identity. We also wanted to draw a future in which we could make the emotions, desires and demands of our customers our own. As people sensitive to design and innovation. But also as citizens of cities and a planet to which we also feel indebted to.

Damián Granados. VP Global Marketing Director, Cosentino.

The future of a brand is not just an image. Designing it today requires a deep culture 1  that integrates, connects and empowers people and companies in a solid conceptual structure. Our Brand Culture is a new culture of growth 2   that guides decisions 3   and unlocks the possibilities of leading companies.

We consume destinations, places, gatherings  1 , the whole world. We consume ourselves: so pleasantly surprised to see and fell ourselves as brand new, capable, alive, rediscovered in our new role as permanent discoverers  2 .

The delirium of precise limits designed by an invading power for an undefined and mutant 1 territory, is the perfect metaphor of what the concept of identity means. “Instead of thinking of identity as a fait accompli, we should instead understand it as a creation 2 or production that is never completed, always in process,” postulated Stuart Hall.

“Frayed identity”. Gregorio Cámara. Commissioner

Omnichanneling means people 1 . Far from those who place the digital at the center of their analysis. The travel industry is a great exponent, led without discussion by travelers, constantly redefining 2 the meaning of each platform, each interface.

Michael Ende. German writer of children's literature and fantasy Superblue. Futuristic Museum of Experiential Art in Miami How can we communicate while contributing to our environments? The demands of new players are changing the rules. All of them. New generations, new questions. Gancedo Barcelona: where it all began. Gancedo, protagonist in more and more international reference spaces. Tapisa Gancedo advertising campaign Gancedo Flagship store by Teresa Sapey "Think before you speak. Read before you think." San Fernando Market by Boamistura. Swatch cities project. Unexpected, the essential. San Miguel Market, Madrid Aristocrazy Affairs. Photo Adriá Cañameras Viaja Way: a new travel culture. Volvo Ocean Race Camper sail boat. Farrow Design. Brand management is, above all: sowing and cultivating. How to make the right decisions without losing speed? Contemporary travelers: all for the photo. Discoverers: our gaze today seems to always be directed further. Imago II 2020. Nacho Martín Silva. Oil on linen 141 x 197 cm Courtesy of the artist and Galería Max Estrella Pull the thread blind 2017. Nacho Martín Silva Installation / painting / photography / printing. Polyptych 240 x 340 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Galería Max Estrella
"High tech, high touch": more current than ever. Travel, tell it, share it, dream it: in streaming.